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Saving Our Selves: A Disaster Preparedness Guide

Saving Our Selves: A Disaster Preparedness Guide Launched

The St. Michael Parish Independence Committee has launched a disaster preparedness guide entitled "Saving Our Selves: A Disaster Preparedness Guide". The guide was prepared with support from the Barbados Department of Emergency Management.

Although Barbados has, over many years, been fortunate to escape the unfortunate effects of many natural occurrences that have impacted its neighbours, it remains vulnerable to several of these potential hazards. In fact, it has had situations that have underscored this vulnerability. This includes damage inflicted by what, at the time of passing, was relatively weak storm system, flash flooding occasioned by heavy rain, or unprecedented earth tremors. These all demonstrated that a high degree of preparation and readiness at the national as well as community level is vital.

This publication is intended to provide the citizen at the grassroots level with useful, easily digested tips on how to prepare for, as far as possible, the natural occurrences Barbados is most likely to be impacted by. It provides direction as to what steps to take in the aftermath of these events. We see it as crucial that members of our community are able to take care of themselves and to support their neighbours in the face of nature’s wrath, as well as to facilitate the means by which we all can rebound as soon as possible from any destruction wrought. .

The e-book version of the guide can be download here.    (2018-09-03)



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