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Recent Activities

Trees For The World Programme Relaunched

This month the Barbados Boy Scouts Association relaunched its Trees For The World (TFTW) Programme. Originally launched in September 2020 as Trees For The World 2020, the programme had to be placed on hold because of the pandemic. With the relaunch the programme will no longer have a designated lifespan; it will be an ongoing programme.

To earn the TFTW badge members are required to:

  • Plant 2 trees
  • Document the plantings (media/videos)
  • Submit the media/videos using the designated google form
  • Post the media/videos online with the hashtags #barbadosscouts #TFTW

Chief Commissioner's Challenge

As part of our 110th Anniversary celebrations, our Chief Commissioner challenged the Association’s three (3) Districts to plant at least 110 trees in their Districts. The Challenge was made to all registered members whether they are youth members, Leaders, administrators or parents/guardians.

In preparation for the challenge, we reach out for partners to work with us. Our call was answered by the Ministry Of Environment, National Beautification, the Blue and Green Economy. Through its National Tree P lanting Project, they donated the 330 trees required for the challenge. All fruit trees, they included mango, sugar apple, cherry, soursop, pomegranate, tamarind and sea grape trees.

On presenting the trees Mr. Dewyn Phillips, Coordinator – National Tree Planting Project, noted, “We in the Tree Planting Programme under the Ministry of Environment & National Beautification, we are indeed pleased to celebrate 110-year anniversary of the Barbados Boy Scouts and what better way to celebrate the Barbados Boy Scouts than to donate these 330 trees to the three Districts that they have. This will go forward in our food security drive, and more importantly, the collaborative work between Government, Private Sector and NGOs, as the Barbados Boy Scouts, go a long way into reducing and mitigating the effects of climate change and global warming. These partnerships are necessary and take [this] theme and motto with you, Trees Save Lives.”

The trees were accepted on behalf of the Association by Mr. Trevor DeT. A. Jones, Chief Commissioner, and Ms. Marva Cobham, National Training Commissioner. At the ceremony the Chief Commissioner noted, “On behalf of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association, I would like to thank the National Tree Planting Project under the Ministry of Environment for assisting us with our special anniversary project. They have donated to us 330 trees. This year we are celebrated our 110th anniversary, and I have asked each of our three Scout Districts to plant 110 trees within their Districts to mark this occasion and [to] assist with the environmental projects going on, not just in Barbados, but around the world in greening.

“This is also part of our programme of Scouts for SDGs, where we are working towards solving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, through our programmes. So again, I'd like to thank the Tree Planting Project and the Ministry [for] supporting us by donating these trees to that project and encourage all our members to take part in this project. I'm hoping that there will plant more than 110 trees in each District, but the goal is 110 trees for each District for our 110th Anniversary. Thank you.”

Those members who wish to participate in the Challenge and have not collected trees as yet, can do so on Thursday 13th and Saturday 15th October between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (2022-10-10)


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